Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Notch + deadmau5?

Turns out that musical man deadmau5 is a big fan of Indie hit Minecraft, the rumour began circulating after deadmau5 uploaded a video of himself playing Minecraft onto his official Youtube account.

The video entailed of deadmau5 beating a pig into a minecart and then pushing it onto an endlessly looping track.

Whilst you might think this isn't quite newsworthy, the rumour that sprouted from this is - deadmau5 would like to make the music for Minecraft.

Information from Notch's Twitter feed and deadmau5's social networking sites only excite this rumour more so.

Notch's Twitter feed - "Oh hey look, I DID get an email from deadmau5 several weeks ago!"

Confirming that there has been contact between the two.

For those of you who are unaware of deadmau5, chances are you've heard his song Ghosts 'n' stuff, It's been used quite a bit in advertisement and such.

You can find the video of deadmau5 playing Minecraft here

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