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Top 5 Video game sound tracks

Video Game Soundtracks can be a vital part to a gaming experience, for example - Imagine Silent Hill rocking some Green Hill Zone. Think about it - Not working that great is it? Exactly.

So I want to highlight some of the greatest sound tracks going, let me know If you agree, send in your suggestions or just comment in the Disqus box beneath this article.

5. Brutal Legend

Perhaps I'm a little biased in this case, I'm a fan of metal music so it might seem a little unfair, but don't lose all faith in me quite yet. The reason I chose this game and it's soundtrack is due to a few of the cut scenes this one (Spoiler alert) in particular which features Ozzy Osbourne's Mr.Crowley

The final boss battle also featured Judas Priest's Painkiller, there's not many games out there that could pull of a Priest song during a Boss battle, but Brutal Legend managed

Here's that scene that I was talking about - DEECAAAAAAAPITATTTIOOOOOONNNNN (Spoiler alert)

Not only that but the OST in general is pretty rockin'. Def Leppard, Motley Crue, Angel Witch, Motorhead, Budgie, Black Sabbath - AND MORE.

4. Fable Series

The first Fable had some of the most enchanting sounds I've ever heard, the scene was entirely set for me infact I'd even go as far to say that the atmosphere that I experienced in Fable 1 put the game within my top 10 games ever.

Danny Elfman and Russell Shaw composed this amazing soundtrack, which was then reused in Fable 3. Fable 2 on the other hand lacked a certain magic, perhaps it was the soundtrack, perhaps it was just a bad game, we'll never know.

I still rate Fable 1 as having the best soundtrack, atmospherically you won't beat it. here's Oakvale - I get shivers when I listen to this.

Fable 2 was lacking in that magic, but this track was definitely a throw back to the first game in terms of atmosphere

Fable 3 returned with a sound track very similar to the first game, evidently Lionhead had been taking notes. Here's the Brightwall theme, sort of a clash between sounds from Fable 1 and Fable 2

3. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

This one brings back some amazing memories, the first in the series of Crystal Chronicles games (The only good one in my opinion). It featured this amazing Intro which still gives me the goosebumps (I believe I even have it on my iPod)

Every year If you were successful in collecting the Crystal drops, then you'd head back to town in your caravan and basically have a massive party, this is the music that would accompany said party.

In this scene everyone would be dancing around, being merry, drinking, it was all good fun - Once more a game that really set an amazing atmosphere, I suggest that If you haven't played this game, get three friends, four GBAs, the cables and a Gamecube, sit down and play it, you don't even have to play through the entire game, just play through and soak in that classic Squaresoft atmosphere, it's a tasty dish best served with a side order of nostalgia.

2. Fallout 3


That should really be enough to tell you what I'm getting it. Wasteland Radio never sounded so good until our good friend Three Dog came along, popping out some of the greatest tunes from the early years of the last decade. Acts such as the Ink Spots, Roy Brown, Ella Fitzgerald, Tex Beneke and Billie Holiday received attention that they wouldn't have received this generation If it weren't for Fallout 3. Not only did Fallout 3 bring a generation of music up to date, but once more it managed to capture the atmosphere of a post apocalyptic wasteland quite well.

Rather than rolling with the usual sort of wasteland equals banjo playing, the guys behind Fallout decided they'd really draw from the 50's pre-nuclear American culture, now here's some of those tracks that Fallout 3 made us love


I don't want to set the world on fire

Mighty Mighty man

Butcher Pete

Now you might wondering what could beat all these amazing soundtracks? Well, it's a shocker.

1. Pokemon Series

Pokemon is a long running series, some say that Nintendo are milking it for all it's worth, some just love it way too much to even care about dairy products - Either way you'll know the classic themes used throughout the games

The intro to the first generation of Pokemon games will always have a special place in my heart.

If you were to hear this in public, you'd brace for impact - You know what it means! Shit is about to go down is what it means.

and whilst the quality of the tracks improved over the years, you will never beat the classic R/B/G/Y sounds, don't get me wrong, I'm all for innovation, I love newer Pokemon games, I argue with anyone that goes "I used to like Pokemon, but now there's over 500 it's lame", but the soundtrack will never be beaten, not for nostalgia's sake, not for me at least.

Games worth a mention:

Cave Story

Animal Crossing Gamecube version

Harvest Moon: It's a wonderful life

Secret Of Mana

Kirby series

Zelda series

So guys, tell me what you'd rate put in your list of video game soundtracks.

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